What is a premiumQR and how does it work?

The premiumQR, also known as a digital business card, is the solution to easily store and share contact details on mobile devices.

Think of the premiumQR as your electronic business card or your “virtual contact card”. One scan is enough and all the contact information contained in the QR code can be viewed on your personal landing page and saved directly in your smartphone address book.

The premiumQR takes networking to a new level. It's a tool that changes the way you socialize and socialize. Simple, efficient and always up to date.

What is the difference from the usual QR code?

The usual QR code as most people know it is a static QR code and can be created at no cost and is suitable for storing basic information such as a website URL, individual names, phone number or email address save. This type of QR code is fixed and it and its stored information are unchangeable once it is created.

In contrast, the premiumQR is a dynamic QR code that requires an active subscription but offers significantly greater flexibility. The contents of a dynamic QR code with premiumQR can be adjusted or updated at any time, even after the code has already been created or printed.

While the static QR code is limited to fixed information, a premiumQR offers the opportunity to significantly expand the range of information available. On an integrated landing page, additional and interactive details such as a profile picture or company logo, a personal short introduction, links to social media profiles and directions to the address in Google Maps can be added.

This flexibility is particularly valuable when contact information changes but you still want to use existing business cards or print media. To update the information, all that is required is access to the appropriate system where the changes can be made and saved.

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The digital QR code for business cards | premiumQR

The digital QR code for business cards | premiumQR

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Discover premiumQR – your path to the most modern and flexible contact data exchange

Increase your number of customers and customer loyalty - and thereby generate more leads and more sales.

After purchasing, you will receive direct access to the portal and can enter your contact details, photo and much more with just a few clicks. Enter and use your premiumQR immediately. The price is valid for 1 year and will only be extended upon request (no subscription).

Data protection compliant and GDPR compliant: your data is safe with us. As a company from and in Germany, we act according to the strict requirements of the GDPR to ensure your data protection and that of your employee data at all times.

Attractive business solutions: For companies with several employees, we can easily and quickly set up all premium QRs upon request and offer attractive conditions and additional graduated discounts.

👉 How do I best use the code actively when networking? For example, place your code on your lock screen (easy to create in the portal) or on your phone case, or simply save it as an image on your phone or smart watch. You can show it at any time when networking as a digital business card and exchange contacts and have it scanned with any smartphone camera (no additional app is required!).

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  • You are up2date

    Classic business cards are a thing of the past. The person you are talking to only has to point their cell phone camera at your premiumQR code and has saved all of your contact details.

    Easy? Easy.

  • You are sustainable

    You and your employees don't need any or significantly fewer printed business cards. If your contact details change, you can change them in your login with just a few clicks. Your personal QR code never changes.

  • You stay in your head

    For all entrepreneurs and industries who want to get into the phone book of their customers or business partners quickly and permanently. From networkers, service providers of all kinds, sales teams, medical practices, restaurants and much more.

  • How do you receive your premiumQR?

    1. You purchase one or more premiumQR codes here in the webshop for a period of 1 year.
    2. After confirmation, you will receive an email with your login details for the premiumQR portal .
    3. When you log in for the first time, your QR code is active and linked to your account.
    4. You enter the information you want the interactive landing page of your premiumQR to contain, determine the design and upload a photo or company logo.
    5. Your premiumQR will be displayed directly and you can use it immediately. For example, you can simply save it as a photo on your smartphone or place it on an image for your lock screen in the online tool.
    6. Your premiumQR code is set up for you once and is always valid.
    7. You can easily change all features at any time in the premiumQR portal with your login.
  • Example premiumQR

    This is the unique premiumQR from Bee Brands owner Jennifer Karmann. To test it, you can scan it with your cell phone camera and then see your “digital business card.”

    With the tab on the two buttons at the bottom right "Save contact" or "Share" you can see how easily (and correctly) the data can be entered into your phone book.

    Your QR code as a business card!

    See an example contact landing page for premiumQR here 
  • Scope, duration & costs

    The purchase of a premiumQR code includes for 1 year:

    ✅ Own, unique dynamic QR code

    ✅ Personal landing page with contact details, easy to change at any time

    ✅ reduced price for each additional premiumQR

    ✅ Attractive graduated discounts starting with 5 employees and for longer terms

    ✅ No subscription, access ends automatically after 1 year and can be extended annually if desired

Why do I need a premiumQR?

More leads through improved contact: With premiumQR you increase your contacts and effectively generate more leads, which in turn can increase sales.

Increased reach: Thanks to premiumQR, your business card remains firmly and prominently anchored with a photo or logo in the phone book of important contacts.

A code forever: With premiumQR, your QR code remains valid permanently. No need to reprint or redesign, even if your data changes.

Always up to date: Change your information at any time. With premiumQR, your contact details always stay up to date.

Correct in the phone book with one click: Allow contacts to save your data correctly in their phone book with just one click.

Your brand look: Design your digital business card in your individual brand look. Choose designs and colors that match your brand.

👉 premiumQR offers an innovative way to exchange contact details and makes your networking much easier.

Secure your premiumQR