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Break through the boundaries and achieve your goals. With Bee Brands marketing coaching and agency for personal and entrepreneurial growth

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Who is BEE BRANDS for?

  1. Marketing Newbees: Beginners or people who are new to marketing and need help designing and implementing their marketing strategy.
  2. Start-ups: Newly founded companies that want to build a brand and improve their presence on the market.
  3. Experienced Entrepreneurs: Business professionals who already have marketing experience but want to optimize their marketing decisions and expand their reach.
  4. Companies in different industries: We operate across industries and provide support for companies from all sectors.
  5. Small and medium-sized businesses: We focus particularly on individual, small and medium-sized entrepreneurs.
  6. Local businesses: We particularly support entrepreneurs who run a local business and want to expand their local presence and customer base.

Why choose BEE BRANDS?

Benefit from the following important benefits for you:

1. We have expertise in brand building and advertising strategy: Our experienced experts have in-depth knowledge in the area of ​​brand building and advertising strategy. You can benefit from this expertise to build a strong and engaging brand.

2. We offer individual and tailor-made solutions: Our tailor-made marketing strategies and consulting concepts are specifically tailored to your needs and goals. This enables you to specifically address your target group and increases the chances of success of your marketing activities.

3. We support marketing newcomers and start-ups: We offer valuable support in developing and implementing the appropriate marketing strategy especially for marketing beginners and start-ups. This enables a professional brand appearance right from the start and contributes to the long-term success of your company.

4. We help you increase your market position and reach: By working with BEE BRANDS you can strengthen your market position and significantly improve your market reach. This leads to increased visibility and awareness of your brand, which attracts potential customers and business opportunities and therefore sales.

5. We advise you on decisions and investments: You can benefit from our professional advice when it comes to important marketing and advertising decisions. We support you in choosing the right advertising channels, allocating budget between different marketing activities and optimizing your campaigns.

6. We strive for a long-term partnership: It is important to us to build a long-term partnership with you in order to sustainably strengthen your brand identity and achieve long-term marketing goals.

Our ongoing collaboration allows you to adapt your marketing strategy to changing market conditions and customer needs.

7. We help you develop an attractive and innovative brand identity: We support you in developing a brand identity that stands out from the competition, can stand in line with the “big ones” and creates a strong emotional connection with your customers !

  • Founder

    Jennifer Karman

  • Specialist for branding, marketing & strategy

    • 15 years of relevant project experience
    • BA Communication & Marketing, University of Passau
    • Consumer Marketing - 360° campaigns
    • Campaign Management & Media Buying
    • Commercial Strategy
    • Agency lead
    • Corporate Design
    • Events & Sponsorships
    • Former Senior Marketing Manager & Team Lead DACH in the global NASDAQ company with USD 31.271 billion in sales / year
    • IHK training and various positions in local medium-sized businesses
  • Tools

    • Google Ads
    • Google Analytics
    • Google Merchant Center
    • Google Business Profile (Local Business)
    • Meta Business Suite (Facebook, Instagram)
    • Canva
    • Adobe Photoshop
    • Adobe Illustrator
    • Adobe InDesign
    • Office365
    • SAP
    • Shopify

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