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Ready to get started and set up a proper reach strategy? Book advertising and fine-tune campaigns? Should your brand be attractive, appeal to your target group perfectly, but also suit you? Are you not sure whether you should accept the Google Ads offer or whether print advertising is the better advertising channel for you? Whether you should invest more time and budget in SEO or better refine your content strategy on social media?

No matter what marketing or advertising decision you have in front of you – we can help you with it!

We support you, whether you are self-employed, a start-up or a small company, in developing an attractive brand and reach strategy that appeals perfectly to your target group and at the same time suits you.

Look forward to more reach, customers and followers.

Together we will achieve your highest potential and create a successful and fulfilling company!

  • Do you finally want to get started and get more sales?

  • Do you want more customers and keep them?

  • Do you want to achieve more reach?

  • Do you want to be the topic of conversation?

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  • Maximum time savings

    With a marketing coach and our expert advice, you can make progress faster by focusing on the most effective strategies and tactics tailored to your needs and goals.

  • Great flexibility

    You determine the pace and scope of the collaboration. You can use us as needed without entering into opaque obligations. Whether it's an individual appointment or a long-term collaboration, we look forward to seeing you.

  • Attractive prices

    Our services are usually significantly cheaper than those of a marketing agency. You only pay for the consulting hours and individual working hours and not for opaque marketing campaigns or bloated agency packages.

We are a female-led marketing coaching and advertising agency with top-class experts in the areas of (self-)marketing, women's empowerment and brand reach.

Our focus is on self-employed people, start-ups and small companies who want to establish or improve their market presence and want to do this quickly and professionally at the same time.

Our approach aims to achieve optimal results (especially in terms of appearance, reach, customers and followers) without wasting time and money unnecessarily, and enables the creation of compelling, high-converting brands that target their desired customers. We are committed to supporting women in particular to build successful companies that not only reflect their ambitions but also fulfill their dreams.

Be as sweet as you can be! 🐝