NEU! Unser Tool, das dir hilft deine Werbeausgaben zu optimieren und zu reduzieren: Der SOS-Angebotsprüfer

NEW! Our tool that helps you optimize and reduce your advertising spending: The SOS offer checker

✅ We personally check your advertising costs and existing offers as independent experts

✅ You will receive a response within 24 hours

✅ Easy contact via email and WhatsApp

🧐 Are you faced with the decision to accept an offer from a creative or advertising agency or a media service provider, publisher, etc.? Your ad placement is not performing as desired?

🤔 You're not 100% sure whether this ad is right for your business, your goals, and whether it's really fair and market-driven? Whether there are no hidden costs included or whether it is “nicely” calculated/formulated?

💸 One wrong decision can cost you a lot, put a heavy strain on your marketing budget and possibly lead to 0 results...

🚨 Reduce your advertising & marketing costs and rely on experienced experts. We have extensive practical experience in media purchasing, agency management, marketing planning, brand strategy, reach strategy and advertising processing and can save you hundreds to thousands of euros in your advertising budget.


🚀 We have sometimes been able to save all of our customers from rip-off or supposedly good to “unbeatable” offers. They would have spent a total of seven-figure amounts on poor or no services 🚫

PS: this also applies to marketing campaigns and advertising campaigns that are already running. Here, too, we check whether price-performance is justified and give you helpful tips and arguments for the service provider 🤝


Our expertise is particularly deep: we have worked with countless large and small agencies and have strategically planned, efficiently purchased and led to success, from small cooperations and medium-sized digital campaigns to Germany-wide, million-strong 360° campaigns. And this over many years and in different industries.

Benefit from our years of practical expertise and simply skip the “apprenticeship” route.

On average, like many of our customers, save half of your marketing costs. 😱 And it's so quick and easy with our SOS offer checker .


Customer examples:

5,000 € used media budget for a print ad with a display campaign with 99% wastage and 1.5% CTR predicted by me for your objective (i.e. nothing) vs. 289 € offer review = 4,700 € costs saved ❗️

€3,000 for the design of a print ad or digital advertising material - We check the effort and the technical specifications to see whether the prices and hourly rates are justified (standard market rates) for the channel, your business and objectives. If not, you have: saved €2,700 ❗️

400 € per month for the creation and ongoing hosting of SEO pages with hardly any reach and a contract term of at least 1 year = 4,800 €. Saved €4,500 in advertising costs

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