Was ist eigentlich ROAS & warum solltest Du als UnternehmerIn unbedingt auf ihn achten?

What is ROAS and why should you as an entrepreneur pay attention to it?

Optimize your marketing success as an entrepreneur: Everything you need to know about the important “ROAS”.

In the dynamic world of digital marketing, a lot revolves around numbers, data and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). One of these crucial indicators, which is of great importance for both newbies and experienced entrepreneurs, is ROAS – Return on Advertising Spend .

But what exactly does this term mean and why is it so essential for your advertising strategies? In this article we will get to the bottom of this secret, explain it and its function to you in a very understandable way and show you how you can use ROAS to your advantage.

Definition: What exactly is ROAS?

ROAS provides clear insight into the profitability of your promotions . Simply put, it is the ratio between the revenue generated by advertising and the costs spent on it. The formula for this is:

ROAS = Advertising costs: income from advertising

For example, if you invest 100 euros in an advertising campaign and in return generate 500 euros in sales from that specific campaign, your ROAS is 5. This means that every euro invested in advertising generates a return of 5 euros. With 250 euros in sales generated, this results in a ROAS of 2.5, etc.

The relevance of ROAS in marketing

But why should you pay special attention to ROAS in your marketing strategies now? Here are some points that highlight the importance of this KPI:

Efficient budget allocation: By analyzing ROAS, you can determine which campaigns are the most profitable and adjust your advertising budget accordingly. In Google Ads, for example, you can even explicitly display the ROAS overall or for individual campaigns

Strategic planning: A reliable overview of past ROAS values ​​allows you to plan and implement future marketing strategies and advertising campaigns profitably.

Profitability Analysis: A ROAS of over 1 indicates that you are generating more revenue than expenses, meaning your advertising not only covers costs but also generates profits.

Poster advertising ROAS

The subtle handling of ROAS

Although ROAS is a powerful tool, it is important not to look at it in isolation, but in the context of other KPIs and the overall view of your marketing goals. Furthermore, it makes sense to analyze ROAS not only on a global level, but also for individual campaigns and channels in detail. This allows you to identify more precisely which specific actions are particularly profitable and where there may be potential for improvement.

👉 If you are still unsure how to deal with ROAS in detail, please contact us. As your experienced marketing coach, we will evaluate your ROAS at any time or teach you how to do it so that you can use this tool skillfully and successfully in the future.

View ROAS as a dynamic instrument that supports you in constantly evaluating and optimizing your marketing measures. In practice, this means carrying out regular analyzes and also taking into account external factors such as seasonal fluctuations or market trends.


ROAS is a fundamentally important indicator that gives you deep insights into the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns. Smart analysis and application of this KPI can help ensure that your marketing strategies and campaigns are not only cost-effective, but also maximally effective . By learning to use ROAS competently and integrating it into your everyday marketing decisions, you are taking a decisive step towards sustainable, profitable advertising measures.

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